Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Passionate or Corny

One thing I learn in how to create a great ad (baca: award winning ad) is passion. You just have to be passionate in producing a hell of spectacular ad. The one that can make you famous.

Actually this passion also bring a bad habit: you just don't know when to stop. There will never be enough. Once you thought the ad is done perfectly, an hour later you already bored with it. It doesn't seem as attractive as an hour ago. You then dig the field to find a better idea. It keeps going on and on and on. Same thing happened again and again. You like the idea... then you killed it.

It is true. Creativity worth our life. We sacrifice almost every thing. Our time, our energy, our social life... just to bring us to the point where we just wanted to start things all over again. That would be the moment when we cross the line from being passionate to being corny. The very thin line that is almost impossible to notice at.

Seems pathetic huh? True. Unfortunately it also the only thing that makes my life alive. It is the spirit that urge myself to do better and better. A thing that I surely believe will bring a dynamic life... boosted with enthusiasm... embraced by happines. A thing that makes this world worth to live with.

So... I don't care either I become corny instead of passionate, I just loved doing it. Does my phillosophy too dreamy for you? To be honest, I don't give a damn. Life is too short to be wasted. I want to make every second of it count.

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