Monday, May 12, 2014

Finally Finalist -- FA Cup 2014

Do you remember your childhood birthday? The day you woke up excitedly knowing that the day is gonna be so very special for you? The feeling of knowing that every one has already prepared a gift that will be given to you along with the well-decorated-great-taste birthday cake with your name clearly written on the top. A moment you will always remember. No matter it always been repeated every year, you always be waking up with glorious feeling that exact day.

It's the same feeling that most of us; gooners; felt around the world. It has been 9 years since the last time we won a trophy. Yes we've came so close on the Carling Cup final several years ago. But the defeated we suffer that day just won't make the joyful we felt currently even less.

Some of us have the anxiety. But given to the stat and looking at our last performance, we can be assured that the lads were on their right track at the moment. We have everything needed to be the champion of FA Cup 2014. Every one buzzing about it earlier. Most gooners are so optimistic that it makes it even look like we've won already.

AIS (Arsenal Indonesia Supporter) knew exactly how it feels. A big event like this need special treatment too. The massive match screening is prepared. A moment where gooners from 5 regions (Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, Depok, Bogor) will gather in one place. It is estimated that more than 2000 participants will be joining. It will be the biggest regions match screening event that ever happened in the history of AIS.

Social media has brought this thing into discussions. Some gooners even already made their own vow if Arsenal won. Donating to the needed, treating free meal for friends, riding around the city, flare, fireworks, etc. Me? I'm gonna wear all my Arsenal attire from top to down. Cap, jersey, pant, scarf, jacket. I will definitely must look so Arsenal. I mean, it's not a thing that we're going to see happening often rite? Hehehe...

Come on you Gunners! Bring that bloody silverware back to where it belongs. We're by far the greatest team this world has ever seen. Now it's time for us to rise. Our waiting is over.


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Arsene Onedesch said...

hell yeeeahhhh.. going to Wembley, eh Alam Sutera :D

always use this hashtag before n after the game :D #be11eve #FACup #Arsenal

budi santoso said...

Alam Sutera on the eyes; Wembley at heart :))

Arsene Onedesch said...

selamat bang bucin, tulisannya di endorse di situs resmi Arsenal.

what the f bikin iriiiiii :D
congrat yaaa
#be11eve #FACup

budi santoso said...

makasiiiih. semua bisa kok. ini kebetulan saja :)

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