Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Handle With Care!

Woman. Dealing with this creature is just like riding a roller coaster with our eyes blinded. You don't know when to go up or to go through a 360 degree loop. Everythings are nothing but surprises.

Looking at my age; which is almost 30 (you who actually knew my age, just shut your mouth up!); I still can't understand woman completely. There always be something that I do wrong. Though I try to think and think again when I'm about to make my decission, there always a possibility that I go to the wrong way.

It's not enough if you just have a strong feeling for woman. You should be able to express it in many ways as well to make them realize what you feel about her. On the other hand, while trying to express your feeling, you should consider about her feeling too. You definitely should know what you're gonna say, the right time to say it, how to say it and where to say it. It almost as complicated as creating a full year strategy of campaign. Qeqeqeqeqe.

Communication. That's the key. But yet not many of us realize that communicating with woman is not as easy as communicating with man. Men tend to be frankly speaking. We speak out what's inside our mind. Well.. some women are like that too. But mostly not. Thus... women usually react using their feeling first then their logic.

Never take things for granted! Silly thing for men can be a huge thing to women. This is the critical point when men usually goes to the opposite direction from women; a point where women used to say, "Kalo dibilangin itu denger kenapa sih? Kok aku nggak pernah dianggap."

So dude, just pay more attention with what your lady showed you. Why? Simply because they loved to be paid attention at. If possible, women need us to understand them without them saying what they need/want. When it comes to us? Never do the same thing! If you love them, say it. Show it. Announce it. Women have to be treated special (though men sometimes doing it un-honestly qeqeqeqe).

Women. Can't live with them, can't live without them.

This is the longest post I wrote in English.

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