Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Pictures From The WorldVertising

the one in white shirt is the funkiest boss i've ever worked with hihihihi

talent garing (gw & adela)

chuo senko’s creative team... and this picture will be put in the company profile? they've gotta be kidding

chuo senko goes to bali

geni, the girl who has the same birthday as me

some cool guy huh? :p (haka; the producer)

my fellow copywriters at chuo senko (dadan & ani)

imla... the cutest art director i've ever worked with :D

dugem... dugem... dugem... jedung jedung, jedung jedung... at bc bar

grey menyambut hari kemerdekaan taon 2001

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santie said...

ooo temennya ani manis tho hehehee.. kmana aja tuh anak.. salam ye;)